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Low-price. High-quality. Essential.

That is the aim of a new series of sound effects libraries that starts today.

Only on the lookout for a specific category of SFX and don't have the budget to splurge on a large general bundle?

This new series aims to provide smaller, more affordable sound packs that focus on a single category of sounds in great variety and detail. The series launches with 3 initial packs:


A collection of 50 essential thunder sound effects, ranging from very close to very distant, with and without rain, and more!


A collection of 50 essential clock sound effects, including various different ticking sounds and many seamlessly loopable files!


A collection of 50 essential firework sound effects, including launches, crackles, whistles, close, distant and multi displays!


And further, these sounds are all fully compatible with the new public domain initiative - the Universal Category System (UCS) - establishing a standardized category list for the classification of sound effects.

Or alternatively, you can get all of these sounds (and more!) in the 96 General Library, where they are also included in a larger bundle.


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