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New Music Library & Giveaway!

After many months, I have just released a massive update to the "RPG Orchestral Essentials" library:

"RPG Orchestral Essentials (Reborn)" is the sequel to the free "RPG Orchestral Essentials (Legacy)" music library. "Reborn" not only contains all 30 tracks from the "Legacy" library, but also 11 more tracks in addition to fully remastered recordings of the "Legacy" tracks, giving you 2 versions to choose from!


And to celebrate the release, I am giving away 5 free copies of the library!

To enter:

1. Listen to the "Reborn" SoundCloud playlist, like and comment on your favourite tracks!

2. Listen to the "Reborn" YouTube playlist, like and comment on your favourite tracks!

3. Visit the "Reborn" Facebook launch post and leave a comment!

4. Let me know your thoughts on the library, and what other themes / styles you would like to see!

5. Join the Mailing List HERE

Entries close on 31st August 2020. On September 1st, I will contact one winner from each of the five entry methods (so be sure to check your comment / email / spam after September 1st!)


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