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New SFX Library: "96 General Library" (Volumes 5-7)

It has been nearly 4 years since the popular 96 General Library was released, initially with 2 volumes (2,000 SFX) in late 2020, and expanding to 4 volumes (4,000 SFX) in early 2021.

Now almost 3 years later, I am happy to share that the library has now been expanded with an additional 3 volumes for a grand total of 7 volumes (7,000 SFX, 31+ GB, 16+ hours)!



These new volumes are available as a free update for existing owners of the Bundle, and are otherwise available to purchase for £39.99 // $49.99 per volume. Alternatively, all 7 volumes can be picked up in the discounted Bundle for 50% off (get 3+ volumes for free!), as well as getting any future volumes for free upon release.

These volumes are fully compatible with the public domain initiative - the Universal Category System (UCS) - establishing a standardized category list for the classification of sound effects, and are extensively tagged with Soundminer metadata.

Sen writes about the Bundle:

"This bundle is filled to the brim with every kind of sound you need for whatever project you have in the works. Not only are the sounds plentiful, but they are high-quality and you can sense the care and passion that went in every ounce of it. Phenomenal stuff!"

With the expansion, the base price of the Bundle will increase, but there is a 2-week grace period running now through to June 6th where the Bundle is still available at the reduced price of only £70 // $87.50. So now is the time to pick it up and add it to your SFX collection (and enjoy any future volumes for free!)


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