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New SFX Library: "Party Pack" and June Flash Sale!

I felt in a celebratory mood, and thus this library was created to fill all of your celebratory needs!

"Party Pack" is a library available in 4 separate libraries, or one largely discounted bundle, covering numerous party-related items from balloons, party horns, poppers, matches, sparklers, confetti, various toys, and many more! As it is available in 4 versions, you can freely grab whichever sounds you require, or of course pick them all up in a discounted bundle! The 4 versions are as follows:

With a heavily discounted bundle available:

To further celebrate the release of this new library, I have also just activated a June 2019 Flash Sale, with 25 - 50% off of everything on my site (ending 30th June 2019). Time to snag some exceptional SFX deals - enjoy!


An extensive collection of party-related sounds, "Party Pack" brings you 2,000 sounds at 96kHz/24-bit stereo of balloons, party horns, matches, sparklers, party poppers, confetti, various toys and more!

The library is available as 4 individual packs of related sounds ("Balloons", "Fire", "Horns" and "Toys"). So if you are only after balloon sounds, then you can grab only the balloon sounds! Of course, all 4 packs can be picked up together here as a heavily discounted bundle!

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