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New 'C List' Update: YouTube Channel!

I've just released a huge update for the the 'C List'; all of the scores and recordings are now up on a brand new YouTube channel - The C List - complete with tracked scores that follow alongside the recordings!

That includes all currently released reminiscences, scores and recordings, from C.1 all the way through to C.91 - roughly 95 videos due to additional versions of some pieces.

"But what is this 'C List'?", I hear you ask.

In short, this "C List" is the "Chronological List" for all of my major compositional projects, including my own works, but also transcriptions and arrangements of other composer's works, educational tasks, and unfinished works that merit cataloguing.

For each of the works, I provide a reflection (a "reminiscence") about its context, how, and why I wrote it, as well as some analyses.

Feel free to check it out HERE!


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