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New Transcription: "Battle Theme I" from Octopath Traveler (2018)

I've just released a new full transcription of Yasunori Nishiki's string-fueled "Battle Theme I" appearing in the pleasant little JRPG "Octopath Traveler" (2018) alongside a recording to test its accuracy. Feel free to check it out!

If you're after the sheet music for "Battle Theme I", you can find it here!

This includes individual part scores for:

  • 2 Horns in F

  • 2 Trumpets in Bb

  • 2 Trombones

  • Timpani

  • Drum Kit

  • Suspended Cymbal

  • Electric Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Violin I

  • Violin II

  • Viola

  • Violoncello

  • Contrabass

If you are one of my Patrons, you can now find the MIDI, XML and SIB files I created for this transcription now available to download from your Patreon Google Drive folder!


Arranger's Note:

"The track itself is quite a typical "Battle Theme" (and indeed, very similar to the other two "Battle Themes" from Octopath), with an aggressive rhythmic ostinato juxtaposing the rhythm of 3 against 2 (0:05), which continues periodically throughout.

I was a little uncertain with the last note of the opening two bars; I can hear 2 main melodic lines in there (e.g. Violins on one, then Cello and Contrabass on the other), with a slightly different 3rd in the viola and upper brass. But I also hear a very slight B-flat on the very last note of these two bars, though it may well simply be an A-flat instead.

The strings take the main focus, with the brass only entering at syncopated cadential points (e.g., 0:21, 0:45) and other occasional melodic doubling (0:47). Surprisingly, there are no woodwind instruments at all, I suspect largely due to the likelihood of the winds being drowned and lost in the final mix.

Otherwise, the track sticks to the key of G minor, remaining safely close to it throughout with a quick modulation to C minor at 0:34 before moving back to G minor at 0:47. It is a small shame that Nishiki doesn't explore the material a little bit further, but I'm sure he had an exceptionally tight deadline to produce the 80+ tracks for this game!"


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