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Free Video Game Music Library! - "RPG Orchestral Essentials"

After several months of composing, mixing and mastering, I'm happy to finally begin releasing a large royalty-free library of free video game music - "RPG Orchestral Essentials"!

This library releases with 3 initial tracks/themes (with more releasing every week until the full library is released!) with freely downloadable .MP3 recordings! The only requirement is that you give attribution/credit to the track that you've used in your game - and that's it! No need for royalties!

These 3 initial tracks cover various possible themes:

1) "A Slave To No One" - Intended for dramatic climaxes, boss battles, and other intense scenarios.

2) "Treading The Unknown" - Intended for mysterious environments, dungeons, and foreign lands.

1) "In Tranquil Spring" - Intended for jolly, peaceful towns, villages or scenarios with a festive, serene aesthetic.

All of which loop seamlessly once, and are free to download and use in your video game projects - do please check them out!


A collection of royalty-free video game music tracks with an orchestral aesthetic available for free as .MP3 files with higher quality versions available.

Each track loops seamlessly at least once, and ends abruptly with natural trailing reverberation, allowing you to either set seamless loop points or match the tracks to a dramatic scene. Listen to the full previews on the left.

Do check out the full EULA which sets out everything you can and can't do with these tracks, but in short:

Where can I use these tracks?

These tracks can only be used in video games. They cannot be used in any other form of media without my permission.

Do I have to credit/attribute you if I use these in my video game?

Yes! A lot of blood, sweat and English tea went into creating these tracks, so if you use them, do please mention the track(s) in the credits list. A good format is:

"[Track Title]"

Composed by Jonathan Shaw


Can you compose a new track for my video game?

I most certainly can! Feel free to check out my commissions page, or contact me!



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