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New SFX Library: "InspectorJ's Freesound Library"

I've released a new sound library that comes with 230 of my most popular Freesound uploads, an attribution-free license for all of my current and future Freesound uploads, along with 176 bonus sounds that were previously unreleased - all for only £5!

-"InspectorJ's Freesound Library" (406 sounds, 940MB) - Read more


If you would prefer to not have to give attribution to ‘InspectorJ’ if you use one of my sounds in a commercial project, or if you are feeling charitable, then this sound library is for you!

With over 400 sounds for only £5 you get a royalty-free, attribution-free license to all of my current Freesound uploads, as well as several bonus sounds I have included here as an extra thank you for your support. In total, 230 of the sounds in the library are of my Freesound uploads, and the remaining 176 are previously unreleased sounds.

As these sounds were taken from several different recording sessions, the sample-rates and bit-depths differ between 44.1KHz/48KHz and 16/24-bit respectively.

Listen to an audio sample:


And download free samples over here!

I am always striving towards affordability, and so the library is priced at only £5 for over 400 sounds (about 1.25p per sound!) and it also comes with a royalty-free and attribution-free license for all of my current and future uploads to!

I am incredibly appreciative for any feedback as to how I can improve on any future libraries I might create, so do please drop me a comment or contact me!

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