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Guess the Library. Get the Library (for free!)

UPDATE: This contest is now closed! The library was: "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard"


I have a new sound library on the horizon and thought it might good fun to have a little guessing game on what you think it might be. Now, now, before you begin shouting "Well, that's not fair - it could be anything!" let me leave you some clues and hints:

1) A blurred image with a question mark covering the details! Does this silhouette suggest anything?

2) And here are some audio snippets - what squeaky material makes a sound like that? What could 'BB' stand for? :O

Take your guesses either via the comments below, or just contact me directly. I'll announce the winner as soon as someone guesses correctly (or near enough that I think they deserve it!)

Well, I hope by now you have your Sherlock hats on. You have perhaps a week to figure it out, and the first one that does will get the library for free - have at it!

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