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New SFX Library: "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard"

For anyone curious about the little contest I ran to guess what the new library could be, well this is what it was - a polystyrene bodyboard!

This new library, entitled "Hidden Voices: Bodyboard" gives you 1,000 unique sounds that were created entirely from a bodyboard. From 11 styles of creature vocalization to computer sounds, this library is definitely something to check out if you want to spice up your sound palette. And it's only £10 for 1,000 sounds - and with a 10% discount until next week! (Ends 18th September 2017)

-"Hidden Voices: Bodyboard" (972 sounds, 2.71GB) - Read more!


How many sounds can you create with a polystyrene bodyboard? Well, here’s 1,000 to get you started!

This collection of sounds brings you 1,000 unique sounds at 96kHz/24-bit stereo created entirely from a bodyboard. From several creature sounds to computerized sounds, this library is extensive with 642 designed sounds with 11 different styles of vocalization, as well as all of the 358 base sounds that were the ingredients for the vocalizations. If you are looking to spice up your sound palette, then this library is certainly for you. The library is also available at multiple versions.

Hidden Voices is a new sound library series dedicated to finding the voices that are hidden in the most obscure objects. Each library offers an extensive range of sounds created entirely from that object, ready to add a unique flavour to your sound palette.

Listen to an audio sample:


I am incredibly appreciative for any feedback as to how I can improve on any future libraries I might create, so do please drop me a comment or contact me!

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