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New SFX Library: "Toilet Flush"

How many different toilet flushing sounds can you think of?

The imaginatively titled "Toilet Flush" gives you 111 unique flushing sounds from regular toilets, urinals, trains and planes with multiple variations (lid up, lid down, close, distant) and over 50 minutes of refilling cycles!

It is available in two versions: 44.1kHz/16-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit, both for £9.99. Or alternatively, you can purchase the 96kHz/24-bit library over at!

-"Toilet Flush" (111 sounds, 1.92GB) - Read more!


From toilets to urinals, trains to planes, this library explores the many different flushing sounds that can be heard in American and European bathrooms.​

The flushes were recorded in several varieties; the toilet lid up, the toilet lid down, the recorder close to the toilet, the recorder distant from the toilet, and even some of the refilling cycles as well as the dreaded sound when a toilet won’t flush.​

Of all the flushes recorded, 55 are from European toilets, 29 from American toilets, 14 from urinals, 7 from a train, and 6 from a plane, for a total of 111 unique flushing sounds with over 50 minutes of refilling cycles.

Listen to an audio sample:


I am incredibly appreciative for any feedback as to how I can improve on any future libraries I might create, so do please drop me a comment or contact me!

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