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New SFX Library: "Abstract Spaceships"

What sort of spaceship sounds can you create without using sounds of jet plane recordings?

My latest and largest library yet, "Abstract Spaceships" gives you a few strange but realistic methods, with 840 spaceship-related sounds ranging from flybys, lift-offs, landings - all centered and entirely devoid of reverb to give you the greatest possible control.

It is available in two versions: 44.1kHz/16-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit, both for £19.99. Or alternatively, you can purchase the 96kHz/24-bit library over at!

-"Abstract Spaceships" (840 sounds, 3.27GB) - Read more!


What sort of sci-fi spaceship sounds can you create without using jet plane recordings? Here are a few options!​

This library brings you 840 meta-tagged sounds recorded and created at 96kHz/24-bit stereo that can be used to bring your spaceships to life. This includes 376 designed sounds with various flybys, lift-offs, and landings for large, medium and small spaceships, as well as the 464 ingredient sounds that were used to create them, allowing you to customize and tailor the sounds to fit your project precisely.​

Note: The sounds in the audio example have some panning and reverberation added; the sounds in the library itself are centered and entirely devoid of reverb.

Listen to an audio sample:


I am incredibly appreciative for any feedback as to how I can improve on any future libraries I might create, so do please drop me a comment or contact me!

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