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"A Press Conference" - BIMCC #2 (10th July 2018)

This blog series details my experiences as a composer-fellow for the "2018 Banaue International Music Composition Competition" ("BIMCC").

For the full blog series, click here.


The following day was scheduled for a Press Conference.

But before that! - breakfast!





Delicious! Now moving on - the Press Conference!

After meeting up with all of the other composer-fellows - the first time we were all together - we entered the hotel's "Rigodon Ballroom". I doubt any of us had anticipated the sheer scale of this event, but during the conference we certainly began to realize that this was no ordinary composition competition.


The Press Conference in the "Rigodon Ballroom":

The Press for the "Press" Conference:

The Composer-Fellows, together at last*:



A part of the conference itself can be watched on YouTube, courtesy of Lariza Garcia. And some of the articles that were written afterwards:


A snippet of the Press Conference:


I was petrified during the entire conference, cautiously avoiding saying anything stupid that in my haste would be the equivalent of a career suicide. Though, I was both petrified, but also quite awed thinking that this competition was far more serious than I could ever anticipate (of course, not being in many small competitions beforehand does not exactly leave an incredible expectation).

Regardless, it made me incredibly excited for the rest of the event, as at dawn on the following day, we left Manila, headed for Banaue.



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