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New SFX Bundle: "2018 Bundle"

...Aaaaaaand there goes 2018! Before you go off forgetting your New Year Resolutions, here is a heavily discounted bundle of the 4 sound effects libraries I created during 2018 which might be worth a look!

An incredibly large bundle of 4,000+ sounds for just £47.49, containing various sci-fi spaceship sounds, a plethora of loopable ambiences from the Banaue mountains, unique and varied creature voices created with a flexatone, and a vast variety of general sound effects - this is truly a hefty collection!


A bundle that includes 4 sound effects libraries that I created in 2018, which are: 1) 44.1 General Library (Volume I) (1,000 sounds) 2) Abstract Spaceships (840 sounds) 3) Ambience - Banaue Rice Terraces (200 sounds) 4) Hidden Voices - Flexatone (2,000 sounds) This gives you a grand total of 4,040 sound effects (4.56GB) for only £47.49 (originally ~£95 if bought separately), all royalty-free and attribution-free! The sounds are all formatted to 44.1kHz/16-bit, and you will also receive a free upgrade to the 96kHz/24-bit versions if you desire even more quality (Note: 96kHz/24-bit version is not available for the "44.1 General Library").

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