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New SFX Library: "InspectorJ's Expanding Library"

Taking a more unique approach to releasing a sound effects library, I present - "InspectorJ's Expanding Library" - a dynamically expanding library that has a new royalty-free sound effect added to it every Sunday, or, "Sounday"!

I had been planning to release this library for several months, and now I can finally do it! As such, the library is starting with 9 royalty-free sound effects (as it is currently week #9 of 2019 - I had originally planned to release it at the start of this year!) with more to be added every week.

This library is available to all of my patrons over at Patreon who pledge $2+. You can check out my Patreon page HERE or on the link at the top of my website page.


This expanding library is available for free to all of my patrons over on Patreon as a thank you for your incredible support of my work, without which I could not keep doing it.

What is this library?

This library is dynamically expanding; every Sunday ("Sounday") a new royalty-free and meta-tagged sound is added to it through a Google Drive folder, which you can download and add to your sound stockpile. All of the sounds will be formatted at 44.1kHz/16-bit for ease of use.

What happens if I cancel my Patreon membership?

Aside from me crying, you will lose access to the Google Drive folder where the library is held and will be unable to download future weekly sounds, as well as past sounds. You don't lose the license on the sounds you have already downloaded - those will still be royalty-free sounds even if you are no longer a patron (keep hold of the PDF license!).

Should you become a patron once again, all of the new sounds that have been uploaded since you were away will be available for you to download!

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