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Free Part Scores for all of my Transcriptions! (500 Subscribers Special!)

As a thank you to all of my 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel "TandA", which transcribes and arranges various musics, I have created the instrumental part scores to all of my transcriptions, including music to "Fire Emblem", "Zelda", "Monster Hunter", "Bravely Default", "Octopath Traveler", and many more!

All of these scores are completely free to download. Grab them over here!

I plan to create part scores for all of my future transcriptions as well, in the hopes that performers will be interested in performing these magnificent works of video game music that deserve far more recognition in the concert scene.

And as an added bonus, when we reach 50 patrons on my newly launched "Patreon" page, I will also create instrumental part scores for all of my arrangements as well!






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