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New Transcription: "Spring" from Rune Factory 4 (2012)

Continuing some transcriptions from "Rune Factory 4" (2012), here is its prominent little "Spring" theme alongside a recording to test its accuracy. Feel free to check it out!

If you're after the sheet music for "Spring", you can find it here!

This includes individual part scores for:

  • Oboe

  • Congas

  • Castanets

  • Guitar I

  • Guitar II or Zither

  • Accordion

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Violoncello

  • Contrabass

If you are one of my Patrons, you can now find the MIDI, XML and SIB files I created for this transcription now available to download from your Patreon Google Drive folder!


Arranger's Note:

"The work itself it quite charming, simply floating around several related keys from the tonic (G major) with several added notes and suspensions (e.g. added D in E minor at 0:23).

With the appearance of the oboe at 0:42, we get a sliver of chromaticism with an E minor chord progressing to an implied diminished-7th chord on F#/Eb which smoothly modulates back to the tonic of G major. A cosy little progression!

1:19 is the climax of the track, expanding on the opening material with even more added notes (e.g. measure 45 at 1:43 is a G major chord with the added 2nd (A) 4th (C) and 6th (E) - a very gospel-esque chord!).

There was a stringed instrument tremoloing in the left channel, and I couldn't decide whether it was a guitar tremolandi or a zither instrument. So I simply rested on using a zither here (as I have better samples for that!), but it may well be played on a guitar."


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