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Sunday "Sounday" (Week 136) - "Stab" & "Printer"

Every "Sounday", I release brand new royalty-free meta-tagged sound effects to my "Expanding Library" - a growing library of high quality sound effects free for all of my patrons over at Patreon!


This week's royalty-free sound effects for all of my patrons are:

  • "0201_Stabbing_Lettuce_Metal-Knife_Double_01"

Aggressively stabbing a wet cabbage vegetable with a small metal knife and pulling it out immediately for a double fleshy, piercing stab and cutting.

  • "0202_Printer_Laster_Very-Close_01"

A MultiXPress X7400GX laser printer printing a sheet of paper. Several mechanical sounds and exhaust hissing. The recorder was placed on top of the output board, picking up the machine's vibrations.

Feel free to download it through my Patreon post, or in the Google Drive folder which my patrons have access to!

Enjoy - and thank you again for supporting my work!



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