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Sunday "Sounday" (Week 73) - "Spaceship" & "Shaver"

Every "Sounday", I release a brand new royalty-free meta-tagged sound effect to my "Expanding Library" - a growing library of high quality sound effects free for all of my patrons over at Patreon!


This week's royalty-free sound effects for all of my patrons are:

  • "0074_Spaceship_A01_Descending"

A large spaceship vehicle slowly landing. Descending in pitch and dry.

  • "0075_Shaver_Electric_Full_01"

A full shaving cycle with an electric razor cutting a hairy beard in a reverberating bathroom.

Feel free to download it through my Patreon post, or in the Google Drive folder which my patrons have access to!

Enjoy - and thank you again for supporting my work!



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